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Resurfacing Pattern Concrete

Specifications - CRS 3000


CRS3000 is a spray-on cementitious based polymer modified 2-part concrete resurfacing system. CRS3000 produces simulated paving bricks, tiles and bushrock on existing plain concrete surfaces. CRS3000 achieves excellent compressive, tensile and flexural strength, extremely high abrasion resistance, textured slip-resistant decorative surfaces are features of the CRS3000 concrete resurfacing system.


CRS3000 is tested suitable as a decorative wear surface placed on existing plain concrete pavements used for pathways, roadways, driveways, internal flooring and pool surrounds provided that the structural integrity of the underlying pavements is sound.


Transforms plain concrete pavement surfaces. Colours and stencil patterns replicate traditional brick, tile and stone surfaces. Header courses, rosettes, logos and custom features enhance appeal and add value.

Saves cost of removal and reinstatement of plain concrete pavements.

CRS3000 thickness is approximately 2-3mm creating minimal impact on pavement design loading and existing pavement levels.
Easily applied to large or small areas.

Plain concrete can be placed early on in construction of commercial projects for safe and effective access. Then CRS3000 can be applied nearing completion.

Service life expectation in excess of 20 years, dependant upon the abrasion to which the surface is subjected and, as is the case for all paving, dependent on exposure conditions and maintenance.


Store in the original sealed packaging in dry conditions. Shelf life of 6-12 months may be expected depending on humidity.
Part A - 20kg bag Powder (colour)
Part B - 20ltr Bucket Liquid (modifier)
Sealer - 20ltr Drum


CRS3000 strength development is dependent on the amount of mixing liquid, ambient temperature and age of curing.

Compressive strength:

7 Days 35MPa
14 Days 38.5MPa
28 Days 41.5MPa

Slip Resistance
A coefficient of friction of 0.80 when tested wet. This substantially exceeds the minimum value of 0.4 required by AS/NZS 3661.1 .

Abrasion Resistance
A mean abrasion index of 0.1. This is in the highest category for wear resistance and indicates that the treated surface is suitable for high traffic areas.


20kg of CRS3000 mixed with 2.5 litres of water and 2.5 litres of modifier will cover approximately 10-12m² in a single coat application.


Do not mix by hand. Use a mortar stirrer (available from Designer Concrete Coatings) with an electric drill. Mix at slow speed for 2-3 minutes so as not to aerate the mix.

Add 2 litres of water to an empty pail, then add 2 litres of modifier (Part B) to the pail. Briefly mix liquid before slowly adding powder (Part A) while continually mixing.

Add water and modifier at a 1:1 ratio until reaching the desired consistency.

Mixing *Summarised*
Primer - 1 part modifier:2 parts water
For smooth surfaces use – 1 part modifier:3 parts water
20kg bag – 2½ litres water:2½ litres modifier.
Do not add more than 3 litres of water and 3 litres of modifier.


All surfaces must be clean, sound and free of dust, moisture, oils and grease or other surface contaminants such as paints, curing membranes and release agents etc. Concrete surfaces must be acid washed, water blasted, grit blasted or mechanically scabbled depending on surface conditions.

The strength of the concrete or mortar substrate should be a minimum of 20MPa.

The prepared substrate should be thoroughly dry before applying the CRS3000 system.

Warning: Do not apply over soft, chalky or dusty concrete.


Primer: Paint roller, broom or spray unit.
Base coat: Trowel, squeegee or sprayed.
Top coat: Sprayed (Hopper Gun)

  • Apply primer to concrete surface. Let thoroughly dry.
  • Apply base coat to concrete surface. Let thoroughly dry. Sand any rough or high areas.
  • Apply pattern design.
  • Apply CRS3000. Spray over entire area. Apply second coat for textured or trowelled finishes. Apply third coat for variegated colours.
  • Remove pattern. Use mechanical blower to clean off the area. Then use a coarse broom to remove any overspray or dust from joints in the pattern. Repeat with mechanical blower.
  • Apply 2 coats of CRS3000 concrete resurfacing sealer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information given in this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of the manufacturer’s knowledge. However, since the use of Designer Concrete Coatings products is dependant on instructions given and, workmanship of independent applicators, the manufacturer can only be responsible for the quality of the product at the time of despatch, should any doubt arise about specification or application, Designer Concrete Coatings technical service department should be contacted immediately as the information given herein is of general nature. Please refer to Designer Concrete Coatings standard conditions of sale.

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