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Stamped Pattern Concrete

Concrete impression method

Designer concrete impression is a stamp imprint method that replicates the textures, colour features and finish of slate or stone on fresh cast-in-place concrete surfaces. The process requires six (6) basic steps to complete the work and leave a lasting and impressive look to home driveways and pathways.

  • Fresh concrete is cast-in-place
  • CMM 3000 Colour Hardener is cast and trowelled into the
    fresh concrete surface.
  • DCC Release Agent (powder or liquid) is then applied to
    prevent the stamp mats from sticking to the fresh coloured
    concrete surface.
  • Stamp pattern mats are then ‘impressed’ into the surface to
    replicate the style and form of stone or tile paving.
  • After concrete ‘hard set’ the release agent waste is removed
    and the surface cleaned.
  • DCC Sealer is applied for its intended purpose to aid concrete curing; and, to aid surface cleaning subject to limitations of undue influence of environment or damage and expected deterioration in time and by use and weathering.

Precautions and Limitations

  • NSW Licensed or elsewhere equivalent concrete contractors experienced in stamp impressed concrete systems is a requirement for proper and workmanlike outcomes.
  • Concrete sealers normally used on stamp impressed concrete surfaces will deteriorate in time and by use and weathering and neither is the intended purpose of any such sealer applied to protect the surface against undue influences of environment, staining agents or damage. Pavement owners are required to affect a reasonable standard of general maintenance to ensure an acceptable probability of serviceability of the works that includes routine cleaning of the decorative surface, periodical resealing subject to limitations from time to time and immediate removal of spillages.
  • Stamp impressed concrete systems are not recommended for moderate to steep graded pavements generally associated with hilly residential locations and neither for wet areas and particularly for paving around swimming pools in accordance with requirements for slip resistance advised in AS/NZS 4586- 2002.

The distinctive impression of slate or quarried stone finishes

Impressive paving designs require impressive colours to replicate the rustic tones of actual slate or quarried stone. And nobody makes better colours than Designer Concrete Coatings to create distinctive paving impressions of classic style and lasting value. We guarantee colour manufacture quality fully NATA tested fit-for- purpose to relevant Australian Standards.

We only refer experienced independent concrete contractors, limited to and only for the purpose of quotation, who take pride in professional workmanship practices and high standards of customer service.

Discover the possibilities

Creative images of colour and imprinted slate or stone paving designs make a beautiful and affordable impression on the landscape and garden features of modern or traditional home styles. Call Designer Concrete Coatings. Discover the possibilities and provide an impressive look to your home.

Obligation-free quotes arranged

Architects and Specifiers

Designer Concrete Coatings offer product support services to architects and specifiers inclusive of technical advice and written product specification/application guidelines and MSDA information appropriate to proper and workmanlike method for stamp impressed concrete systems.