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Stamped Pattern Concrete

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is where Stamp mats, Colour Hardener and Release Agent are used to imprint a pattern into the surface of 'freshly placed' concrete to simulate rock, slate or stone.

Is Stamped Concrete suitable for all areas?

Due to the surface finish of Stamped Concrete, it is not recommended for steep sloping pavements or anywhere that may be subject to potential slip hazards. If you require a higher slip resistant surface a Stencil Pattern Concrete should be considered.

How many stamps patterns and Release Agent colours are available?

There are 9 patterns and 9 Release Agent colours available.

What is the maintenance required for stamped concrete?

Apart from the usual cleaning requirements of a decorative surface, it is recommended the surface is released every twelve to twenty four months (depending on in-service conditions).

What are the advantages of sealing?

Sealing a stamped surface aids cleanability by helping reduce the level of dirt ingress into the concrete.

How much does it cost?

The cost of installation depends on your requirements and the preparation needed. Therefore, quotes are provided by applicators on a case-by-case basis. Contact details of experienced independent applicators in your area can be provided. Please contact us for further details.

Is Stamped Concrete for the DIY installer?

As each site is unique, Stamped Concrete is not recommended for the DIY market. Specific preparation must be undertaken so that the concrete is placed in a manner which will ensure durability. It is therefore recommended that a licensed concrete contractor be employed.

Is there a warranty or guarantee with Stamped Concrete?

Designer Concrete Stamped Pattern Concrete is NATA tested "fit-for-purpose" as a decorative wear layer on concrete surfaces; and, potentially offers serviceability design life of up to 20-years subject to in-service conditions and maintenance. Designer Concrete C-3000 colour products carry 2-year statutory warranty - residential and commercial applications: Conditions apply.

Who can I call with questions or installation problems?

Designer Concrete Coatings operate full time Technical and Customer Services Department to provide a hassle free service. You can call our 02 9771 5511 number or alternatively e-mail