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Stencil Pattern Concrete

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stencil Pattern Concrete?

Stencil Pattern Concrete is a cement based colour hardener, which when correctly applied to concrete can give the appearance of rustic bricks, pavers, stones, tiles and other similar type finishes. It comes in a variety of colours and texture grades and is used for stencil, stamp or unpatterned coloured concrete.

Does it crack or wear off?

When applied correctly, Stencil Pattern Concrete is much stronger and more durable than normal 20-25Mpa concrete and it does not affect the integrity of the underlying pavement.

Is it slip resistant?

Slip resistance largely determined by the final finish. There are many techniques used to create a slip resistant surface. Please discuss these with your contractor, to ensure that you get the finish best suited for your site and requirements.

Will the colour fade?

The pigments used by Designer Concrete Coatings are inorganic insoluble metal oxides, which are extremely UV and chemical resistant. Some shading variation may occur over a period of 5 years. However, this is barely detectable to the human eye. The application of a UV sealer will maintain and help preserve the colour.

How thick is the product?

The product is applied approximately 1.5-3 mm thick on to the surface of the concrete. It is normally applied in two steps to ensure that maximum coverage colour hardener strength is achieved.

How long does it take to complete the Stencil Pattern Concrete process?

This varies, depending on the preparation required. Normally the process can be achieved in 3 days. The first day includes form work and site preparation. Day 2 is pouring the concrete and applying the colour hardener and stencil pattern and the final day is cleaning up and sealing the finished job.

However, as concrete does not reach full strength for 28 days, it is recommended that you allow at least 7 days before you use the new concrete surface.

What are the advantages of Stencil Pattern Concrete versus brick, stone or tiles?

Using Designer Concrete Coatings Stencil Pattern Concrete, you can simulate almost any building products used in the pavement construction industry. This makes Stencil Pattern Concrete a more versatile option for your pavement, with the added benefit of being able to choose from a broad range of colours and varied stencil patterns to suit your personal requirements.

As concrete is the base for Stencil Pattern Concrete, weeds should not grow and undulation is not likely to occur. You can also specifically design the strength of your pavement for special requirement such as a parking bay for heavy motor vehicles, caravans or boats.

Can Stencil Pattern Concrete go over existing concrete?

No, Stencil Pattern Concrete is designed to be used with wet concrete only. Designer Concrete Coating Resurfacing Pattern Concrete is the product best suited to go over existing concrete.

Are there different finishes?

Yes, there are many effects and styles which can be created using Stencil Pattern Concrete, ranging from a rustic brick finish to a smooth tile look. Discuss these with your concrete contractor to determine the best finish for your specific application.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Stencil Pattern Concrete is very affordable compared to similar products. Installation depends on your requirements and the preparation required. As a result quotes are provided by the applicators. We can provide you with contact details of an experienced independent applicator for your job who works in your area. Please contact us for further details.

How many colours and patterns are available?

There are 24 colours and 24 patterns currently available. There is also a choice of 'feature stencils' such as rosettes and diamonds and 5 options for a border pattern. Custom colours, logos and stencils can also be manufactured.

Does Designer Concrete Coatings install Stencil Pattern Concrete?

No, we do not install the Stencil Pattern Concrete but we have a list of independent contractors who are experienced in the use of the product. Please contact Customer Services for the contact details of independent contractors who work in your area.

How often do I need to reseal?

After the initial coat at the time of placement, a second coat is recommended within 3 months. Resealing after this period is at the homeowners discretion, but resealing when the sealer has worn off will help maintain your pavement surface.

Who can I call with questions or installation problems?

Designer Concrete Coatings operate a full time Technical and Customer Services Department to provide hassle free service. You can e-mail us for a prompt response to your enquiries.

Is Stencil Pattern Concrete for the DIY installer?

Stencil Pattern Concrete is not recommended for the do-it-yourself person. As each site is unique, specific preparation must be undertaken so that the concrete is placed in a manner which will ensure durability. It is therefore recommended that an experienced and/or a licensed concrete contractor be used.

Is there a warranty or guarantee with Stencil Pattern Concrete?

Designer Concrete Stencil Pattern Concrete is NATA tested "fit-for-purpose" as a decorative wear layer on concrete surfaces; and, potentially offers serviceability design life of up to 20-years subject to in-service conditions and maintenance. Designer Concrete C-3000 colour products carry 2-year statutory warranty - residential and commercial applications: Conditions apply.