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Designer Pool Coatings

Designer pool coatings come in two distinctive styles, a highly reflective pool coating called Designer Beadcrete® and a standard non-reflective pool render from Designer Pool Coatings.

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Australia's most luxurious pool interior finish

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Designer Beadcrete now available through our Queensland distributors;

Buyrite Steel Supplies Pty Ltd
10A Alex Fisher Dr
West Burleigh, QLD
Ph: 07 5522 0788

Designer Beadcrete – a patented product!

If you are not already aware, Designer Beadcrete® is protected by Australian and International patents. Genuine Designer Beadcrete® uses proven engineered cement technology and includes necessary proprietary ingredients within its mix design to prevent, among other defects, the presence of Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR). (Search “Alkali Silica Reaction” through any Internet Provider).

Designer Beadcrete® patents prohibit unauthorised use of its patented technology. The unauthorised use, manufacture or marketing of any pool interior finish product falling within the scope of the claims of the subject patents including clear or coloured glass beads or spheres contained within the mix design, risks liability for patent infringement.

Please find more information in regards to the patent at *Australian patent number 733668

Designer Beadcrete’s latest International resort installation, Velassaru Maldives... view gallery

Highly Reflective Pool Coating - Beadcrete®

A simply unique architectural pool finish that creates magnificent light refraction in the water – spectacular by day – sensational at night with the pool lights on.

Standard Non-reflective Pool Render

Designer pool coatings standard non-reflective pool render is an amazing concrete pool finish technology – colourful, durable and versatile range.


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