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Designer Pool Render

Designer pool coatings standard pool render is an amazing concrete pool finish technology – colourful, durable and versatile range.

Designer Pool Coatings are beautiful, different and personal …

One of the biggest benefits of Designer Pool Coatings is unique consistency when it comes to colour, texture, finish and range.

If you’re aiming to complement your pool design and homestyle landscape with a more refined pool finish and an extra level of personalisation that just can’t be achieved with traditional, old fashioned textured aggregate renders – then look to Designer Pool Coatings to create a beautiful, durable, colourful and personal pool interior that can have an exquisite look.

Product quality and consistency is assured through pre-blended packaging and factory manufacture. What’s more, Designer Pool Coatings use the very latest polymer modified cement/aggregate technology that results in improved durability and colourfast performance and, a slip-resistant, smooth textured concrete pool finish that is truly user-friendly.

Designer Pool Coatings are the perfect choice when you build, renovate or remodel your concrete pool.

Designer Pool Coatings are becoming the new material of choice for homeowners, pool builders and architects everywhere.

All are welcoming the tremendous versatility when it comes to colour, smooth ‘easy on the skin’ texture and natural durable finish.

You can transform your outdated pool shell into a ‘new-look’ classic modern interior or incorporate the unique qualities of the Designer Pool Coatings range in renovation plans that may include water features and landscaping. And with new concrete pools you just can’t beat the more refined, natural appeal offered by the Designer Pool Coatings’ range that includes ease of maintenance.

There are no special treatments required to preserve aesthetic appearance except to use a normal automatic suction cleaner and simply keep the pool water sanitised and chemically balanced. That’s all the normal maintenance there is to it!

Designer Pool Coatings offer style, durability and colour to complement any design.

But its Designer Pool Coatings versatility that appeals to most which is the perfect solution if you want to build concrete pool image to complement your home and lifestyle surroundings. Here is what can be achieved…

  • Quality finish and colour feature that cannot be copied with traditional aggregate materials.
  • Forms and melds to any pool design and can be shaped to the tightest curves without disruption to decorative effect.
  • Exciting colour choice to enhance pool style and appearance.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Quality assurance of colour consistency and product performance.
  • Preferred applicators who can perform the work in a proper and workmanlike manner and are referred only when you specify or purchase Designer Pool Coatings from accredited distributors.

Designer Pool Coatings smooth textured finish lowers risk of skin-cuts and abrasions …

Normal concrete aggregate pool finishes are traditionally known for being abrasive and posing potential risk of skin cuts and abrasion to pool users and especially after prolonged periods in the water that can lead to softening of the body skin.

Designer Pool Coatings practically eliminates this risk because the product is a finely graded aggregate matrix that is smooth textured yet slip resistant and far less likely to cause the typical cuts and abrasions normally associated with traditional aggregate pool finishes.

Designer Pool Coatings – Australian made and owned …

Designer Pool Coatings have been engineered to satisfy the needs of today’s homeowners, pool builders and architects with colour and technologically advanced materials composition that produces improved durability in a flatter, smoother finish and is easier to maintain than ‘old-style’ traditional coarse aggregate materials. Designer Pool Coatings are manufactured in NSW by Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd – an Australian owned company with extensive experience in decorative concrete systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications worldwide.