Bring some elegance to your front steps

Are your front steps needing a little something? Stamped pattern concrete can be used to create a stylish designer look, whilst increasing the safety of your steps with more traction.

With a variety of options to choose from, stamped pattern concrete can replicate the look of stone, brick or tile, without the expense.

Stone replica

Stone is classic, tasteful, and traditional. You can choose from an incredible variety of stamp options to make all or part of your steps resemble stone. For example, many homeowners choose a tile or cobblestone pattern for pathways and landings, with stone-like slabs as the actual stairs.

Whether you decide to emulate some of our most popular designs or get creative with your own vision, the choices are endless. There’s no reason you can’t choose multiple stamp patterns and techniques to create a completely personalized look.

Adding Colour

Concrete doesn’t have to be plain. One of the best aspects of working with concrete is the colour options available. Designer Concrete Coatings has 24 vibrant colours in our range which allow you replicate natural stone, clay, timber or terracotta.

And mimicking natural materials isn’t your only option. You could instead choose brighter, eye-catching colours to make your steps a bold focal point.

Brick Pattern Concrete Stamping

Did you know concrete can also be stamped to look like brick? All you need is the right stamp pattern and colour. You can opt for subtle colouring and large “bricks,” or you might prefer a traditional brick shape and colour.

Attention to Detail

You’d be amazed at the level of detail that can be achieved with concrete craftsmanship. You don’t need to limit yourself to one or two stamp patterns. You may choose a variety of designs to visually separate areas or you may add a focal point with a single stamp.