Stamped pattern concrete is an affordable option when you’re wanting the look of natural stone without the price tag. Our imprinting tools are made from natural stone impressions, so the result is extremely realistic. Stamped pattern concrete can be expected to last a lifetime, with very little maintenance, unlike tiles or pavers.


If you’ve been wanting to up your curb appeal, look no further. Stamped pattern concrete offers a unique range of patterns in a large range of colours to suit any taste. Because you’re using concrete, your final design is up to your imagination. The Designer Concrete Coatings team have over 65 years’ experience so we’re here to help in this process and make final design choices easy.


Unlike tiles and pavers, stamped pattern concrete takes the worries of weed pulling or spraying out of the equation. The easy to clean, uniform surface allows you to enjoy your weekends, free from weeding!


With stamped pattern concrete you also benefit from the other celebrated qualities of concrete, including its famous durability, versatility and low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about re-grouting your pavers or replacing cracked tiles, all you have to do is hose down your stamped pattern concrete to keep it looking incredible. And if you reseal the concrete with a clear coat of Designer Concrete Coatings Sealer, this will help reduce staining and aid in the cleanability of the concrete pavement for years to come.